Wealth Central in action

Into retirement Wealth Central can start your prospects on a very personalised journey making your relationship a true value add.

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Completing their personal profile

The more information your client inputs – and they will be encouraged and rewarded to do so – the more relevant and interesting it becomes. This fact find element is split into a number of small journeys that can be completed at any time. As they complete it, they learn more about them, enabling you to truly target your conversation.

A dynamic, highly-personalised

Aside from their personal and financial details, the dashboard can serve up a number of personalisable options and data storage – protected by bank-standard security. It allows your client to safely store important documents, instantly access their bank, insurance and Super details, and a whole lot more.

Who says taking control of your finances can’t be fun?

Not us. Say ‘hello’ to Wealth-E, our virtual financial assistant. Wealth-E is always there with an encouraging word, some interesting facts or a relevant suggestion, offering up a modern, friendly face to the serious business of wealth management.

I’m Wealth-E, your personal financial assistant. I’m here to help your clients make the most of their money, quickly and easily.

Looking to the future

Once your client has added information, our powerful modelling engine creates a detailed scenario of their financial situation now – and how it could look in the future. Your client will see how small changes today could impact on their long-term goals and be prompted to seek your help for things that may be difficult to implement.

Staying on track, wherever they are

With Wealth Central designed to work on mobile or desktop devices, your clients can keep track of their finances anywhere. As the dashboard serves up reminders to current events, birthdays and progress against personal or family goals, it is always relevant, becoming an everyday go-to app, that keeps you very much front of mind.